Manufacturing high quality, large, heavy, industrial castings on a consistent basis requires a supplier that not only has the proper equipment, but also the know-how gained from years of experience. ME Elecmetal has the tradition, the equipment and a qualified staff with extensive knowledge of providing carbon and stainless steels castings on this scale.
We manufacture large castings used for sophisticated mining equipment such as mill heads and slurry pump components as well as being a trusted supplier for the cement, pulp, and hydro-electric industries.
Since 1988 we represent Ferry Capitan in the Chilean market. France based Ferry Capitan is a major manufacturer of large power transmission components, mill heads, pinions and gears in weights up to 120 tons.

Providing large castings requires a major commitment to quality. At ME Elecmetal we offer an array of nondestructive testing equipment including:
• A source for Cobalt 60 for radiography
• A source for XR (200 and 300 kv) for radiography
• Ultrasonic testing
• Magnetic particle testing

• Melt capacity to 30 tons per casting
• Heat treat furnaces with loading capacity of 60 tons
• CNC lathe for machining parts up to 12 meters in diameter, 4.5 meters in height
• Capacity for drilling parts up to 8 meters in diameter

Parts for smelter equipment
• Components for Peirce-Smith and Teniente converters

Parts for mineral processing equipment
• Gears and pinions for grinding mills
• Caps for mills and crushers

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