Optimization of casting processes:
Using simulation software for casting processes allows ME Elecmetal foundry engineers to optimize the manufacturing process to exceed the requirements of our costumers. This is achieved with a design and simulation software (EDEM) and, in a second stage, the technical study is supported by Magmasoft, world class simulation software for casting processes.

Alloy development:
With over100 years experience in metallurgy, ME Elecmetal has developed a wide variety of alloys and is able to develop new alloys tailored to customer needs.

Mills and crushers simulations:
To optimize mill liner design ME Elecmetal utilizes discrete and finite element simulations. ME Elecmetal engineers are able to run simulations of mills and crushers in order to better understand the interaction of operational parameters such as:
• Milling energy
• Power consumption
• Throughput
• Impact forces
• Compression forces
• Stress

Liner design:
Combining technology with field experience, ME Elecmetal’s engineers can make new liner design proposals to improve wear life as well as increasing mill through put.