ME Elecmetal has the capacity to manufacture equipment and spare parts for smelters, including smelter ladles and slag pots up to 200 tons.

We have developed a wide range of designs for smelter ladles and slag pots for hauling molten metal between the different stages in the copper smelting process (matte, white metal, blister copper, slag).

Smelter ladles and slag pots are designed and manufactured to specific applications to match the exact needs of our customers. ME Elecmetal provides a wide variety of shapes and sizes adapted to each specific application. Application-specific designs minimize potential for deformation from thermal and mechanical forces, which helps ensure safer use throughout the product life cycle.

Our cast steel slag pots are manufactured to ASTM A27, grade 70-36, which has the following mechanical properties:

• Tensile strength: 49 Kg/mm² (min.)
• Yield strength: 25 Kg/mm² (min.)
• Reduction of area: 30% (min.)
• Elongation: 22% (min.)

ME Elecmetal cast steel ladles and slag pots offer high impact resistance and low fracture tendencies. They are easily weldable and have low deformation characteristics.

To assure maximum quality and service life, all our smelter ladles
and slag pots are manufactured to the highest quality control standards, which include:

• Solid modeling
• FEA analysis
• Complete visual inspection
• Dimensional verification
• Ultrasonically testing
• Magnetic particle testing