What we have done for our customers

As part of our extensive customer experience, we have completed large projects focused on the following five key areas:

How can we help?

ME FIT Grinding provides customized solutions according to individual requirement profiles and customer production strategy and productivity goals. We combine integrated analysis of operational information as available, with data generated through our own simulations, and more than 100 years of experience in data analysis, parts design and manufacturing. We validate our performance through controls and measures to monitor our solution’s impact on our client’s key performance indicators: productivity, reliability, availability, safety, efficiency and / or energy consumption. Our products help us constantly add value to our customers mill operations through liner design, quality and material improvements.

Professional consulting for the entire cycle

In addition to products, we offer customers comprehensive engineering and consulting services guaranteed to be safe and superior in quality.

Market studies

We work with benchmarks to generate comparative information on mining operations around the world. This brings perspective to what we do for customers.

Engineering and design

Our proprietary products are known for their superior quality and how well they can be adapted to fit all types of customer equipment.

Digital technology

In our ME Digital Lab, we run predictive models, performance evaluations and data analysis aimed at offering customers the best possible solutions.

Case studies

26′ x 5.3′ SAG Mill Liners

Check out our case of ME FIT Grinding solving the problems of a customer located in Saudi Arabia. Review the entire case here.

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40’ SAG Mill, Outer FE Head Liners

Check out our ME FIT Grinding case study. Find all the details of the improvements we achieved for the customer.

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